Roswell City Walk

Roswellians are looking forward to Roswell City Walk, the new 320-unit upscale apartments being built on the former site of the 150-unit Frazier Street apartments. This new project by Lennar Homes is within walking distance to the successful Canton Street redevelopment project.

More in depth detail about the project and future development plans for the surrounding area can be read in Michael D Hadden ‘s article Stacked Flats Coming to Roswell.

From a business perspective check out Douglas Sams’ article from the Atlanta Business Chronicle

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5 comments on “Roswell City Walk
  1. Bridgette Cummings says:

    Start price for the unt.

  2. Troy Gilbert says:

    I love how this place was supposed to be a live and work community. It’s just another apartment complex that charges a bloody fortune to live there. Major disappointment . Roswell already has to much traffic and needs to work on roads and traffic first. A round about doesn’t help.

  3. Kenya says:

    that just means that you are planning to tear down more low income housing just like you did Fraser Street Apartments to build Roswell CityWalk. There are a lot of low income families that live in this area that are close to the jobs that they need. I do not agree with the redevelopment. I love the area that I am in especially that it is in walking distance to Waller Park pushes me and my sons friends out of the community. us parents can not afford high living costs. also there is a low income child care center in the me it is just another greedy project

  4. Roswellnative says:

    Lennar and this development will be a catalyst to the area. These luxury rentals will bring property values far and wide UP!!! This is just what the area needs! If you need any local knowledge, just call me! Chipper

  5. roswellrenter says:

    Are there prices for these units available anywhere online? The leasing office is not open yet due to the property still being in early construction.
    Thank you

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